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 book_recommendation (4)

Ruth DeFries, What Would Nature Do? A guide for our uncertain times
Joseph Henrich, The WEIRDest People in the World
Rinker Buck, The Oregon Trail
Simon Dalby, Anthropocene Geopolitics

 commentary (16)

Beloved Community, Land Community - Joining In
Incomplete climate science has pushed us toward the wrong solutions
A "reversal" step can stand for "moving forward"
How every Kansan can help build a DIY national park
Some Thoughts on Radical Change
Topsoil Loss—A Continuing Crisis
What should Canada and the world learn from the Keystone XL Project?
U.S. Leadership on Climate Change
Highlights from “Scaling Up Agroecology in the Himalayas Together”
A Post-COVID "New Normal" Aimed at Restoration
The Paris Accord and Biden's Inevitable Struggle in 2021
The Youth Vote
The Oxford Real Food Conference
Peter Turchin's Cliodynamics And Dire Predictions
A New Bretton Woods?
Vogue on Regenerative Agriculture

 invited_essay (2)

Fighting the Anthropocene
Interviews with (My) Family Farmers, Lessons Learned From a Very, Very Small Dataset

 working_paper (5)

Legal Regimes Governing Seeds
Influential Writers on Agrarian Values and Environmental Protection
Inching Forward, Legislative Steps Toward Sustainable Agriculture in the United States
Smart Technology and the GRP
What is "Organic Regenerative Agroecology" in the Context of the Global RESTORATION Project?