These larger research papers – some written by GRP Team members or GRP Colleagues and undergoing only light editing for formating – take various forms and are of varying lengths…but relate to our work at the Globral Restoration Project. Do you want your paper posted here? Tell us at

Author: Sam Walter

Our current agriculture system is unsustainable, but shifting toward a new system will require the development of new varieties of plant species. This paper examines the many legal regimes governing seeds and other plant genetic material and argues that international treaties are promoting the conservation of plant genetic resoruces, but there is work to be done to improve the utility and coverage of seed bank collections.

Inching Forward, Legislative Steps Toward Sustainable Agriculture in the United States

Author: Mary Kate Workman

Agricultural policy in the United States subsidizes conventional agriculture, rather than sustainable agriculture, to the detriment of our ecosystems and our climate. The U.S. lags behind the international community in adopting sustainable agricultural practices. This piece lists U.S. legislative efforts to adopt a more sustainable agriculture and argues that the current efforts are still largely anthropocentric and inadequate.

Smart Technology and the GRP

Author: Adeline Tolle

This paper defines smart technology, explores the concept, considers the precautionary principle, and argues that the smartest technology is the technology that is the least distant from natural systems.

Influential Writers on Agrarian Values and Environmental Protection

Author: Caleb Hall

This literature survey compiles works from key writers on “agrarian values” and environmental protection and pulls the most important elements of “agrarian advocacy”, elements relevant to “natural systems agriculture” or “agroecological husbandry”. Though by no means comprehensive, the survey provides a rich reservoir of information about “agrarian” wroting and advocacy.

What is “Organic Regenerative Agroecology” in the Context of the Global RESTORATION Project?

Author: John W. Head

Providing a definition of “organic regenerative agroecology” based on a panel presentation from the 2021 Oxford Real Food Conference.

CITA Working Papers

For several years, a Center for International Trade and Agriculture operated out of the University of Kansas Law School. Some of the Working Papers that were published (online) by the CITA have direct relevance to themes that are central to the Global Restoration Project. For easy access to readers and researchers, five such Working Papers can be found here. These two hold particular relevance to participants in the Global Restoration Project: Paper 1 and Paper 5 .

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